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August 2005 JR boats are STIFFER, because......

JR uses thicker sheets honeycomb (single sculls - 4mm honeycomb, pairs/double sculls - 6mm honeycomb, quads/fours - 8mm honeycomb, Eights - 8mm honeycomb + the vertical web) to improve longitudinal and torsional stiffness.

Using the I-Beam principal, a boat with thicker honeycomb will be stiffer than a boat with thinner honeycomb. What is a vertical web?. Longitudinally from bow to stern and from the bottom of the hull to the underside of the deck is a bulkhead of honeycomb cored carbon fibre. This improves stiffness in our eights by adding an additional triangulation of material under the deck.

Should you have any further questions please contact Alastair McLachlan on 0417 881 201 or  click here to email us.

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