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November 2005 Is Your Wing Rigger Eight FISA compliant for STIFFNESS, WEIGHT and FLOTATION?

Johnston Racing are building its wing rigger eights to comply fully with FISA Stiffness, minimum weight and flotation recommendations.

STIFFNESS: Separate your slings to be 12600mm apart, place the boat upright on the slings and measure from the centre point under the hull down to a fixed point. Add 20kg and measure again. The boat should not flex >10mm to be compliant. Our vertical web is the main contributor to achieving this stiffness.

What is a vertical web?. Longitudinally from bow to stern and from the bottom of the hull to the underside of the deck is a bulkhead of honeycomb cored carbon fibre. This improves stiffness in our eights by adding an additional triangulation of material under the deck.

MINIMUM WEIGHT: 96kg. All materials are weighed before being used in the construction process to ensure the boats are built to the weight we want.

FLOTATION RECOMMENDATIONS: FISA Guidelines for Minimum Flotation: "A boat when full of water when full of water with a crew of average weight equal to the design weight stated on the boat's production plaque, seated in the rowing position should float such that the top of the seat is a maximum of 5cm below the static water line". To achieve this we have built sealed bulkheads under each seat to add to the flotation when full of water. Tubes through the sealed bulkheads enable cabling etc to run though the boat.

Should you have any further questions please contact Alastair McLachlan on 0417 881 201 or  click here to email us.

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