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November 2007 EXCALIBUR GOLD by JR

JR releases its new eight - EXCALIBUR GOLD by JR.

  •  Featuring 19% more carbon fibre in the hull. The boat is under FISA minimum weight (96kg), complies with FISA flotation guidelines, and hull stiffness has been increased to levels well within FISA stiffness recommendations (< 10mm flex with 20kg weight spread 12.6m apart from the centre of the boat).
  • Standard fittings include anodised aerofoil alloy wing riggers, backarms, carbon fibre seat tops, single action seats, lightweight hard anodised slides, carbon fibre footstretcher plates, carbon fibre shoe plates, shoes to a nominated size, acetal plastic footstretcher adjustment and a carbon fibre rudder steering arm.
  • The reduction in weight of the fittings enables additional carbon fibre to be added to the hull. Price $32,950 (GST exclusive) $36,245 (GST inclusive) DEMAND THE BEST - DEMAND EXCALIBUR GOLD by JR .

Should you have any further questions please contact Alastair McLachlan on 0417 881 201 or  click here to email us.

Johnston Racing Pty Ltd 1996

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