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September 2007 One 15 by JR and One 17 by JR and One 19 by JR now available.



  • JR has completed the molding and production has commenced of its new racer/trainer single scull to supplement the J11/J12 moulds. A more modern hull shape (especially the bow and stern), fully molded interior, fully molded supports for fittings and a new identity.
  • The One 15 by JR will replace the CS100 Carbon single skin boat and the One 19 by JR will replace the SS100 Carbon fibreglass single skin boat and is $1000 cheaper than the old SS100. The One 17 by JR is a new model that provides greater performance for the same price as the old SS100.
  • Standard fittings on both boats include anodised aerofoil wing riggers, fully adjustable footstretchers with moulded leathers, hard anodised wide track slides and padded double action seats.


Should you have any further questions please contact Alastair McLachlan on 0417 881 201 or  click here to email us.

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