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February 2009 JR joins with Cadence Rowing to supply the Vo3 Cadence stroke rate watch

JR joins with Cadence Rowing to supply the Vo3 Cadence stroke rate watch.

Cadence Stroke Rate Watch Cadence Monitor Cadence watch on oar

The new Cadence Vo3 stroke rate monitor is the easiest way to measure your stroke rating in any boat. Simply strap the Vo3 watch to your oar or scull, and you instantly get accurate stroke ratings. The following improvements and specification have been made to the Vo3 stroke rate monitor: 



High accuracy that matches any other stroke rate monitor

Digit height: 13 mm

Big display that is easier to read in dusk and twilight Case made of plastic, rubber, and stainless steel
Sturdy strap withstands a rower’s abuse  Strap made of nylon
Rubber bumpers on the case protect the lens from scratches Invented in USA. Made in China.
Environmentally friendlier packaging Box paper and plastic
30-day risk free warranty Waterproof
Buttons are easier to press Battery CR2032. Expected battery life is 2 years.
Bold new design 30 day satisfaction guarantee

Should you have any further questions please contact Alastair McLachlan on 0417 881 201 or  click here to email us.

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