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February 2011 JR Oars Hit The Rowing Market with a Perfect Back Splash

JR has just released its own brand of sculling and rowing oars....with a perfect back splash!

After years of research and consultation with local, national and international clubs and rowers, we have developed a unique blend of all things "oar"! 

Optimized to get the best out of your training and performance, JR Oars are designed to suit individuals and crews of all standards.  All shafts in the JR OARS range include a slightly oval shape to maximise stiffness and minimise weight.  Shaft construction are either Full Carbon, Light or standard.

JR Oar Slice

The sleeve and button system are designed to fit perfectly in the CII, Martinoli and Magik swivel/gate, with adjustment markers to enable easy movement of the button.       The clamp for releasing and tightening the button can be adjusted with a screwdriver, spanner or adjustable spanner.

The blades are fully moulded with closed edges for longevity and comply with FISA rules regarding thickness of blade.

Come and visit us at our merchandising display marque at the National Rowing Championships to be help at Westlakes, Adelaide in March 2011.

Should you have any further questions please contact Alastair McLachlan on 0417 881 201 or  click here to email us.

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