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June 2013 Empacher teams up with Johnston Racing
Johnston Racing - Australia's sole agent to the world famous yellow Empacher rowing boats.
February 2011 JR Launches OnLine Store - All Your Needs at Your Fingertips
JR Launches OnLine Store - All Your Needs at Your Fingertips.......
March 2011 Australian National Rowing Championships March 2011
The countdown the the nationals has started......
February 2011 JR Oars Hit The Rowing Market with a Perfect Back Splash
JR Oars Hit The Rowing Market with a Splash.............
December 2009 JR joins with Cadence Watch Company to supply Cadence watches to Australia.
option to choose from diffrent variety of watches
October 2009 New Optional Footstretcher Fittings - "Saltwater tolerant"
The new "saltwater tolerant" fittings eliminate aluminium from all componentry excluding the wing rigger frame, slides/rails and fin.
April 2009 EXCALIBUR GOLD by JR wins 2009 South Australian Head of the River
Congratulations to Seymour College on winning the 2009 South Australian Head of the River.
February 2009 JR joins with Cadence Rowing to supply the Vo3 Cadence stroke rate watch
JR now stocks the VO3 Cadence stroke rate watch
September 2007 One 15 by JR and One 17 by JR and One 19 by JR now available.
JR has completed the molding and production has commenced of its new racer/trainer single scull to supplement the J11/J12 moulds.
November 2007 EXCALIBUR GOLD by JR
JR releases its new eight - EXCALIBUR GOLD by JR
Acetal Plastic Camlock Quick Release Plates are now standard on all JR boats.
October 2006 EXCALIBUR by JR, SABRE by JR and CRUSADER by JR now available
Johnston Racing have released its new stern coxed fully moulded range of quad sculls/fours.
December 2005 HIGH Performance/LOW Maintenance- Carbon Single Skin construction is now available.....
Johnston Racing have developed a carbon single skin model to assist in reducing maintenance costs, without compromising performance.
November 2005 Is Your Wing Rigger Eight FISA compliant for STIFFNESS, WEIGHT and FLOTATION?
Johnston Racing are building its wing rigger eights to comply fully with FISA Stiffness, minimum weight and flotation recommendations.
September 2005 MK1 - now an option on JR Boats
Has signed a distributor agreement with Magik Rowing (MK1) as distributors in South Australia
August 2005 FEEDBACK
we have made a number of significant changes to the way we build and finish our boats
August 2005 JR boats are STIFFER, because......
JR uses thicker sheets honeycomb to improve longitudinal and torsional stiffness
August 2005 Rowing Boat Lights Distributorship
Johnston Racing has been appointed as a distributor for Rowing Boat Lights in South Australia.
March 2005 JR Boats at the front again at the National Rowing Championships
Best ever performance of Johnston Racing boats at a National Rowing Championships.
February 2005 The new NO NUTS footstretcher
Johnston Racing are now offering a footstretcher system
July 2004 Telstra MYOB Small Business Awards 2004
Johnston Racing are pleased to announce that it has been successful in making the final 4 in the 2004 Telstra MYOB small business award.
Johnston Racing are always improving its products to provide customers with the highest quality and longest lasting boats and fittings.
April 2003 Another swag of National Championships for Johnston Racing boats.
James McRae set the National Rowing Championships alive when he came steaming home to win
Johnston Racing have designed and built a new trailer
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